The Oakville Amateur Radio Club owns and operates two voice repeaters and an Echolink node located at Latitude N 43 28.150, Longitude W 079 41.625 (Trafalgar Road and Marlborough Court just north of the QEW on Trafalgar Rd), at an antenna height of 500 feet above mean sea level. All the equipment at the site is connected to the emergency power back up of the apartment building generator. The club call is VE3HB; repeater callsign is VE3OAK; the echolink callsign is VE3OBP and is remotely linked to the vhf repeater.

VHF Repeater: Tx 147.015 Rx 147.615 Mhz. CTCSS 131.8 tone. The VHF repeater is made from a Johnson Fleetwood mobile radio with the transmitter output at about 28 watts. An S-Com 7K repeater controller with speech synthesis module and phone patch module make for the smarts of the repeater. A Sinclair duplexer is used for combining the Tx and Rx feeding 80 feet of cable to a 2 bay Sinclair SRL-210C-2 mono band antenna.

UHF Repeater: Tx 444.325 Rx 449.325 Mhz. CTCSS 131.8 tone. The UHF repeater operates at approximately 15 watts. A S-Com 5K repeater controller makes the smarts for the machine. A Sinclair duplexer is used for combining the Rx and Tx feeding about 80 feet of cable to a 4 bay Sinclair SRL-310C-4HD antenna.

We also have a new D-Star (digital) repeater on 442-06250. We are currently (Nov. 2014) working on establishing linking to the greater world-wide D-Star network.


9 Responses to Repeaters

  1. va3bl says:

    UHF repeater upgrade! The UHF repeater was replaced in 2013 with a Kenwood TKR-850.

  2. John says:

    News: We are adding a Freestar repeater soon. This will be a UHF D-star digital repeater with gateway access to other D-Star repeaters around the world. The repeater should be up and running by the Fall 2014..stay tuned for updates!

  3. John says:

    VE3OAK is joining the PROCOMM net. This is a province wide ARES net that runs every Thursday and Sunday night on many repeaters across Ontario at 20:00 local. Feel free to listen in and please follow the directions of net control if you want to participate as this is a directed net with a large number of participants. We will be carrying this net on VE3OAK VHF starting in October 2014.

  4. john va3bl says:

    HSMM Mesh node added! VE3OAK now operates a mesh node at the repeater site with a local access point omni antenna serving the town and a directional backhaul link to the Mississauga club.

  5. john va3bl says:

    VE3OAK digital repeater update: our new dstar repeater on 442.0625 +5 has been successfully tested with other digital modes. The repeaters Tait radio modules will pass almost any narrowband digital mode and will work with p25 as well as dstar. We have yet to test it but it should also work with Kenwood/Icom NXDN and yaesu fusion (narrow voice mode), however it will not pass dmr/trbo as this requires a handshake signal from a controller. We have yet to experiment with any sort of digital video or picture files but would be interested in testing this for Ares use. If you have this equipment capability and want to try it please drop me an email. Feel free to test out these other digital voice modes if you have the equipment! Important note: the tait modules are narrowband and setup for digital use and not intended for analogue FM. As such analogue voice will be severely distorted and clipped so do not attempt to use this repeater for analogue FM.

  6. Mark says:

    Mark VA3FLC
    I am quite new to amateur radio living in the east end of Hamilton (Barton St, / Grays Rd. area). I had a great conversation with one of your members who was mobile in MIssissauga heading east, through your VE3OAK repeater. Quite impressed (for a newbie anyway).
    Mark VA3FLC

    • john va3bl says:

      That’s great mark! If you haven’t already, check into the Monday night net at 730pm on out VHF ve3oak repeater 147.015 or the Tuesday net on 147.345 pl131.8 also at 730 pm!
      John va3bL

  7. John says:

    New VHF repeater: The 147.015 VHF repeater at VE3OAK is now operating a Yaesu Fusion dual mode (C4FM Digital / Analogue) repeater. The current setup (Fall 2015) is Auto/Fixed, meaning you can transmit into it with Yaesu Fusion digital mode OR analogue and the repeater outputs in analogue so everyone can hear you. If you are using a Yaesu fusion radio on VE3OAK VHF be sure to use the AMS mode with DN (digital narrowband) transmit so your rec’vr will automatically switch to analogue on receive. You can also try fusion digital (DN or VW mode) on our DStar UHF repeater on 442.0625 +5 as Fusion C4FM digital will work there also. 73’s de VA3BL

  8. john va3bl says:

    Update on the VHF repeater. We are now operating in full auto mode. This means digital in = digital out and analogue fm in = analogue fm out. Analogue users should use a 131.8 Pl tone and check that the repeater is not in use before transmitting.

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