About Us

The Oakville Amateur Radio Club was formed in 1956.

The club’s goals are to:

  • promote amateur radio in the community;
  • encourage and assist others to obtain an amateur radio licence;
  • make our expertise available for the benefit of the community; and
  • provide an opportunity for amateur radio operators to socialize, learn and help each other.

We hold monthly meetings and an informal breakfast gathering every Saturday morning.

The club operates two voice repeaters and an Echolink node. The repeaters are funded
by OARC membership dues.

The club also participates in Field Day, an annual amateur radio exercise involving
operators from around the world.

OARC is an affiliate club of Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC).

Oakville Amateur Radio Club Inc.
Board of Directors (2014-2015)

Immediate Past President: Rod Hardman, VE3RHF
President: Peter West, VE3HG
Treasurer: Bata Spasic, VE3EXW
Repeater Chair: John McKay, VA3BL
Secretary: Todd Demone, VE3LMM


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