Cyber Crimes

Thanks to our immediate past president Rod Hardman, VE3RHF for his excellent presentation on 1Password we may never get hacked again.

1Password, a Canadian company, provides “simple, convenient security by creating strong, unique passwords for all your accounts, sites, licenses and just about anything else you want protected.onepassword-icon-large-f1ef08584f213343c8af7f7855ecf0e1

I’ve owned copies of 1Password and for the life of me I couldn’t get it through my head how to make it work.

Thanks to Rod I’m changing over my entire system and making all my online ventures much more secure plus I’m storing encrypted information about my credit cards, network passwords, ham radio and photography software license keys, bank statements, passports and the list goes on. You can even secure your sticky notes!

Why is this a big deal?

Two reasons come to mind. First I have about a dozen pages of passwords typed out which over time went from being unique, secure passwords to the same two passwords for everything.

How did this happen? I started to use just two passwords for convenience and because I had made so many changes to my old complicated passwords I couldn’t log into anything without my password cheat sheets in front of me.

Second it may not be my site or information that gets hacked on my sites. It’s much more likely that my information gets hacked off somebody else’s less secure site. Think Home Depot here or maybe “Honest John’s Used Parts Emporium”.

With 1Password I can just change my password quickly. BTW 1Password has a new feature called Watch Tower which warns you of sites that may have been compromised thus prompting you to change your password again. Very cool.

1Password works with most platforms and browsers and is highly recommended thanks to Rod’s presentation.

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