QRP Build Day Big Success

Another successful milestone int the history of the Oakville Amateur Radio Club. The much-anticipated build day saw four members building (two didn’t make it) and two expert coaches meeting at Peter, VE3HG’s QTH at 9 am after the normal 6:30am Saturday breakfast gathering at Cora’s restaurant in Oakville, Ontario._DSC5231

The kit we had chosen was a CRK-10A, a xtall-controlled (7030) three-watt transceiver that will easily fit in a shirt pocket. With no controls but includes an built-in CW keyer with one set memory (CQ and your call), the rig is minimal in appearance but big rig in performance.images

I’ve (Peter) got one pre-built which we used for a building model and I’ve worked guys all across North America on a 40-meter dipole.

More important than the rig was the team-building aspect of the project. It’s a lot of fun to get together with a bunch of members for a day. We ended at 3 pm with one rig working and the other rigs with half an hour or so of work still to go.

Listen for us VE3s and VA3s on 7030.

Much thanks to Denny VE3OKD and Jim, VE3AJ for their excellent coaching skills. We all learned a lot about kit building.

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