Introduction To Contesting

Despite the sub-zero temperatures the members of the Oakville Amateur Radio Club were treated to a red hot presentation on Contesting by our own world-class contester Dennis, VE3JAQ.

Dennis has won his category in some of the big international contests and trust me, as a long-time contester myself, Dennis taught me a thing or two about improving my contesting abilities.

Here’s a link to a PDF of Dennis’s talk. So you wanna try contesting

After Dennis’s presentation I offered a quick overview of contesting quality software and hardware.

Here’s a link to a PDF of my talk. Contesting Resources

Coincidentally the ARRL Contest Update newsletter has links to several other contest-related PDFs that I think you’ll find worthwhile:

Adding an SDR to an SO2R Station  Adding an SDR to an SO2R Station – Google Slides

N6TV_Dayton_2012_Using_the_RBN N6TV_Dayton_2012_Using_the_RBN

N6TV_Dayton_2013_Using_the_RBN N6TV_Dayton_2013_Using_the_RBN

N6TV_Dayton_2014_CW_Skimmer N6TV_Dayton_2014_Using_Waterfall_Displays

N6TV_Dayton_2014_Using_Waterfall N6TV_Dayton_2014_Using_Waterfall_Displays

N6TV_Visalia_Waterfall_Displays N6TV_Visalia_Waterfall_Displays

(This post also appears on the VE3HG blog.)

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