Field Day 2015

It’s not to early to start thinking about Field Day 2015!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At the weekly 6:30 am Saturday breakfast meeting at Cora’s on Dorval Drive in Oakville (guests always welcome) the consensus seem to be that the guys were willing to try for a first or second place finish in our category for Canada.

They liked the site last year which was a smaller pavilion in Bronte Provincial Park from the larger full-service site we’ve had in previous years. The new site has a better setup for antennas.i-K34JRbJ-L

Speaking of antennas the thoughts towards winning our category would require better antennas and small tri-band beams backup with dipoles for 40 and 80 were discussed.

Of course the big issue for us is manpower to set all these antennas up. If we lifted a TH-3jr on two sections of tower and a five foot mast we could probably erect two antennas pretty quickly. Then we could add a big dual-band dipole which the two run stations could share.P6180085

The GOTA station would be able to get the beam on occasion and would need another all band dipole or maybe a vertical.

We’re good for power (Thanks to Brian) and we’ve got some really amazing operators running the CW and SSB stations so with a little planning I think we can exceed last year’s score.

We could use a Field Day coordinator and we sure could use a way better bonus point manager. The last guy (me) just wasn’t up to the job!

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