Pan Am Games Opportunity


As you may know, our Volunteer Application process for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games is in full swing. If you or members in your immediate community (tenants, club members, staff, current volunteers, etc.) are interested in volunteering with the Toronto 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am games, we encourage you to apply online. If you are interested in volunteering specifically for a role in our Venue Communications Centres, please use the below information when applying. If you will be sharing this code with your colleagues, we ask that you please email

Don’t forget to Apply now to be a TORONTO 2015 Games-time volunteer. Everyone must apply through our Volunteer Portal. Given your affiliation with Amateur Radio in Canada, please enter the following volunteer code in the space provided at the end of the application: VEMVCC

Please be advised that:

– This code is provided for your use only and is non-transferrable. Applicants who use this code with no current affiliation with our venue may not be considered for a Games-time role.

– Everyone must complete the online Volunteer Application. All individuals who are currently affiliated with TORONTO 2015 and/or have previously submitted paperwork, must officially apply for a Games-time volunteer role.

– This code will be used to identify individuals who have a current affiliation with your organization. It does not guarantee a Games-time Volunteer role.

– The application process is the same for everyone. All applications will be screened with a video interview, and successful candidates will be offered a volunteer role.

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