CW Helpful Links

In anticipation of tonight’s meeting of the Oakville Amateur Radio Club  (at Glenn Abbey High School off Third Line) where Todd, VE3LMM, is going to offer a presentation on how to learn Morse Code (CW), here’s a list of some helpful resources:ab81_35

The International Morse Code – here it is in plain language.

Morse Code Translator – type in your message and the software bangs out the CW.

Morse Code Trainer – this will get you started.

Learn Morse in One Minute – that’s the claim.mercury

Practice on your IPhone – wonder who you’ll reach?

PA3BWK’s CW links – tons of CW info

W1AW’s CW schedule – learn off the air

Morse Runner – a very realistic contest simulator

PileUp Runner – hear what it’s like to be the DX

Straight Key Century Club – get on the air with a straight key or bugSimplex_Pro

Vibroplex – the “bug” people

Bengali – one of the top manufacturer’s of keys and paddles

Kent Keys – highly respected English keys and paddles

Bencher Keys – everyone owns a Bencher (cheap and dependable)

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