Next Meeting Oct. 14

Our next meeting of OARC is happening on Tuesday, Oct. 14, 7 pm at Abbey Park High School (east off Third Line, south of Upper Middle Rd.) and features our own Todd, VE3LMM who is going to talk about “Learning CW in the 21st Century.”vibroplex_vertical

Todd’s talk couldn’t come at better time as we are now talking names and money ($70 Canadian all in) to get involved in the club’s Build-A-Rig project.

We’re going to build a CRK-10a 40-meter CW transceiver that runs 3 watts and is xtal-controlled. This pocket-sized rig is essentially an enhanced RockMite with a built-in keyer and single memory for sending CQ CQ CQ and your call sign three times. Pretty cool.

This is a rig that can work off a gel-cell for days (likely weeks) on one charge and only crk10a_frontneeds a 40-meter antenna, ear bugs and paddles to be on the air. Since it comes with its own aluminum case, it’s pretty much indestructible. The CW coming from this direct-conversion rig is as clear as a bell and with some built-in filtering it’s pretty much listening to one frequency at a time.

But of course you need to know CW to use this rig. That’s where Todd’s presentation will come in handy. Todd is going to talk about how he is learning CW and what apps are available out there to help you get started.

One nice thing about the CRK-10a project is there are lots of guys on 40 meters day and night who are sending really sloooowly so copying isn’t much of an issue.soldering_iron

If you want to get involved in this project just let me know or better still show up on Oct. 14 at the club meeting.

Future topics will include a night learning how to use the password system OnePassword thanks to past president Rod, RHF.

John, BL, is going to conduct a technical night where we’ll review what’s been happening at the club’s repeater site when it comes to FM, D-Star and MESH setups.

I’m going to do one session on how to get involved in contesting with special focus on the smaller easier and more fun-oriented contests including mid-week 60-minute CW sprints and casual state and country QSO parties using digital, CW and SSB modes.

Of course we’re going to have a Field Day organizing night early in the new year plus the meeting in May where we finalize the Field Day plans. If I missed anything please let me know.

If anyone has any other ideas for a meeting topic, please let me know as the seasonal agenda isn’t filled just yet.

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