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The Oakville Amateur Radio Club has a new kit project underway. Following our very successful annual general meeting it was decided to go a group build later this year of the CRK-10A which is a Chinese version of an enhanced RockMite rig.crk10a_front

Xtal controlled on 40 meters this three-watt rig has a built-in keyer and one memory which can send CQ and your call sign. Pretty neat for a rig that can fit in a shirt pocket.

The aluminum case and no controls (I mean it!) make this an ideal trail rig or transceiver to use on a single frequency where your fellow club members hang out (mainly because they can’t QSY).peanut-power-pete

If you’re in the GTA and would like to participate the cost of entry is a club membership in the OARC ($25) and the cost of the rig ($55 …yes you read that right plus shipping). I’m taking names right now and we’ll pick a date for the build (likely a Saturday morning) later this year or early next. (Contact

So to improve your CW you should get on the air. I just joined the Straight Key Century SKeySKeyClub and I hope to participate in the North Georgia QRP Club’s Peanut Power QRP Sprinton Sunday, Sept. 28 from 2000z to 2200z.

As you might guess, the Straight Key Century Club rules state you must use a straight key or bug so I’ve dusted off my Nye straight keys and got two of my Vibroplex bugs  (set at around 18 wpm images-3sending with spacing to come out around 10-12 wpm on air) and I’m set to go using the NorCal 40 which I’ve tuned down to one watt out. Not sure how this is going to work but I worked W1AW/4 last night at a watt and half without issue.

Let’s get on the air guys and get that old CW polished up 🙂

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