Field Day 2014

This post is also appearing on the VE3HG Blog.

This year Oakville ARC is running a two-station Field Day with a Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) third station for newcomers (or for people who haven’t been on HF for year or more) at Bronte Provincial Park.

We’ve been going to Bronte now for a few years. It’s close by and its got trees and lots and lots of space.IMG_0187

We’re going to put all three stations under the humble pavilion (photo above) and locate our antennas as far apart from each other as possible.

It looks like the CW station is going to be well staffed but we’ve not got a response from anyone for SSB yet so Ian, VE3JI, and I are thinking it’s going to be just us for the 24 hours. It’s too bad that some of the guys don’t appreciate how much work goes into the planning for this contest and just show up at the last minute expecting to sit in. That might happen but it might not and if you’re anticipating participating Ian would appreciate hearing from you.

Field Day (June 28-29) is a great day of fellowship, emergency communications training and a contest all rolled into one.

The Oakville ARC effort is usually pretty competitive. I think we came in second in Canada last year thanks to a major effort by our CW crew and this year’s crew looks just as formidable (Harry, VA3EC; Tony, VE3RZ; Dennis, VE3JAQ).

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