SDR $20 Radio

Todd, VE3LMM, gave the club a terrific talk last night about the RTL-SDR TV tuner dongle available online for $20. The dongle can be easily converted into a wideband (24 to 1766 MHz) SDR using free software.

There are other SDR dongles out there like the Funcube Pro+ (at $200) but the RL-SDR rtlsdr_QS_FSC_USB_DVB-T_smdongle at $20 is the cheapest yet and for $55 you can get a shortwave up converter.

So aside from listening to shortwave and VHF/UHF signals what else will these SDR dongles do?

Depending on the IF out from your big box radio the dongles can be made to work as a panadapter. Now considering some panadapters sell for $600 this is an amazing deal.

The dongle can work as a portable radio scanner using some smartphones and tablets. It can also be used to decode RTTY, PSK-31 and a bunch more digital modes for printing on a computer, tablet or smart phone.nooelec_hamitup_case

A Raspberry PI can run SDR remotely and then send you data via the ethernet or wifi.

All this for $20.

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