Raspberry Pi Night

On one of the coldest night of the year the Oakville Amateur Radio Club held a monthly meeting focusing on Amateur Radio use of the micro Raspberry PI computer.image

President Rod, VE3RHF, using his IPhone as a controller for his MiniPad controlled a projector as he ran us through a slide show about the micro computer.

John, VA3BL, then gave us an in-depth introduction into the new Motorola specific digital system that’s sweeping across North America.

While not compatible with D-Star, the new Motorola system is the same one used by many commercial clients including municipalities. While not as technically robust as the systems used by many community emergency services, the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) system is easily adapted to Amateur Radio use.

The bad news is DMR equipment comes from Motorola and there’s no used market (yet) so while Motorola equipment is expensive ($800 +) there is equipment being introduced by other manufacturers including Kenwood and now a Chinese manufactured handie for $190 from Connect Systems.

For more information on the Motorola system check out VA3XPR.

Very cool.

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