CW In One Minute!

That’s the claim this web site makes.vibroplex_vertical

You too can learn Morse Code in one minute (okay maybe a few more minutes) by practicing either on line with programs such as the one above or Morse Runner. Here’s a You Tube of video of how to use Morse Runner.

BTW DON’T use a CW reader. You can learn Morse by practicing just 10 minutes a day. If you use a CW reader, you’ll never get any better and will always be glancing at the screen.

Here’s a link to a ton of Morse Code training programs.ab81_35

Another great way to learn CW is to copy the daily Morse Code practice transmissions from W1AW. Here’s the schedule.

There are entire clubs that just focus on CW.

And you can build a CW transmitter in about an hour.


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