Club meeting reminder!

Time flys ( in a wobbly sort of way, according to The Doctor, but I digress) and it’s time for another Oakville Amateur Radio Club meeting on Tuesday October 8th at 7 pm at Timothy’s
Timothy’s Coffee 321 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, ON L6J 1J4 Get directions 905-338-6342
Our speakers will be Harry VE3EC and Peter VE3HG , speaking about all things CW.
Should be an engaging and humorous talk
Hope to see you all there

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1 Response to Club meeting reminder!

  1. brasspen says:

    Thank you for posting the date of the next meeting. I was wondering whether you would. I’ve been reading all that this blog and VE3HG have put up. While I was able to attend the AGM, this time slot is not great for me until January.
    I was at Radioworld today and picked up the CAR Basic Study Guide and a Morse key with beeper.
    Also, three weeks ago I visited the gentlemanly Russ Schwandt, where I met his lovely wife, and acquired copies of Hot Bananas from 1978 to 1980, which he now possesses on pdf, and which I took away on CD-ROM.
    Cross referencing the annual members list in Hot Bananas with a street location fed into the 1975 Might’s Oakville City Directory, I discovered that the fellow I met at OARC at the Red Cross building in the Fall of 1980 was VE3LJO, Tim Wilford.
    Chris Cunnington

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