We really should work together more often…


I was out this evening drinking (coffee) with some fellow hams from the GTA and came to the realization that we in the Oakville Amateur Radio Club really should team up with other local clubs from time to time.

Sure, amateur radio  can be a solitary hobby, and certainly we in Oakville are a pretty sharp bunch, but I cannot say with ABSOLUTE certainty that we are the sharpest in the GTA (except on field day of course when we certainly are…) so there is good cause to think that we could have something to learn from the GTAs other outposts…

Kidding  aside, there are some smart folks  out there and a little communication would do no one harm. Right now I’m thinking about sharing ideas regarding club speakers and topics – so anyone with great ideas please step forward – and certainly a great speaker, having prepared a slide deck, could be easily convinced to speak at a second or third venue in exchange for fame and a nice ballpoint pen, right?

or how about  club projects? APRS kits come to mind. How cool would it be to have each club in the GTA build 10 HT based APRS units as a project? Collectively we could track a pretty impressive cycling event, no?

something to consider – Club Presidents – let’s talk!

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