Consider this… (Upcoming ARES SET 26 October)

uncle Sam 2

Or at least help out once a year…

Are you an experienced Amateur Radio Operator but have never participated in an ARES event? Perhaps you think that you would surely volunteer if a crisis happened, but “In Peacetime”, its really not your thing.  Well, that’s ok, but let me ask you to think a little differently…

On Saturday, October 26th, ARES will be running a Simulated Emergency Test. It’s a GTA wide event spanning a number of operating modes, including FM Phone, Packet and SSTV. Emergency power is sometimes a factor and success is often measured by the diversity of modes worked and accuracy of messages passed using standard forms.

What a great challenge for competitive hams wanting to expand their horizons!

Be listening on the 2 meter VE3OAK repeater in the coming weeks for hints of the scenario and consider jumping into the deep end for a few hours (The SET is usually limited to 8am to noon).

You need not operate alone – in fact it’s a great opportunity to team up with another ham and operate from your home shack. Or take the show on the road with your mobile rig. With a pal, a couple of coffees,  pastries, some message forms and a sharp pencil and you have a party on wheels. (the best part is since its not a REAL emergency, there should be lots of opportunities to stop at Tim Hortons drive thrus!)

It’s a great opportunity to test yourself and your gear. try something different, and do it with the energy we would commit to exotic DX or a contest. make it fun AND competitive.  You know that if this was the real thing you WOULD activate. It’s only once a year and reflects really well on the local club – as engaged, diverse and involved –  I hope to hear you that morning!



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