Many Thanks To VE3OAK Repeater Patrons

As we recently posted, we have recently appealed to our membership for a one time “Passing of the Hat” to fund a new Radio for the UHF side of VE3OAK.


I’m happy to report that we have met our goal based on the generous donations of the following club members:

John McKay                $50.00 (and a BUNCH of sweat equity!)

Rod Hardman             $50.00

Peter & Marion West  $50.00

Greg Foster                  $50.00

Harry Kosterman         $40.00 (and a bunch more sweat equity!!)

Todd DeMone              $25.00

Glenn Marrett              $20.00

Bata Spasic                   $16.00

Those in the financial disciplines will note that our treasurer, Bata, pushed us $1 beyond goal (I think he’s messing with me), so $300.00 will go to pay for the Radio, and $1.00 will be lovingly cared for in the club funds.

Sincere thanks to the club members listed above. You are an awesome crew!

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