Wayne Green, W2NSD (never say die) the publisher of 73 Magazine has died.waynegreen230

Green, who was 91, started his iconic and occasionally controversial magazine in 1960 and continued to publish it until 2003.

Long a pioneer and vocal advocate for emerging amateur radio practices such as building projects (before there were kits), SSB phone (when AM ruled the bands), solid-state (back in the early 60s tubes were the predominant technology), FM and especially 10 meter FM (which nobody used) where 73 magazine ran countless articles on how to FM a CB rig and join the growing fun on 10-meters.

BTW there was a time when 10 meters was open around the world and virutally around the clock allowing for transcontinental communications between stations running less than 10 watts into mobile whips placed on metal radiators inside a house. (I know this to be true from personal experience!)

Green was always a critic of the American Radio Relay League  yet always maintained his ARRL membership according to this obit published today on the ARRL site73-cover

Green ran a small but important publishing empire and was the founder and original publisher of Byte magazine which was all about the emergence of something called a computer which you could build from a kit. He went on to publish many other magazines to do with technology.

Green was always a larger-than-life personality in the Ham Radio world. An eternal optimist according to the ARRL he is well know for the quote:

“I live mostly in the future.”

He will be missed on the bands.

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