VE3OAK UHF Overhaul (Passing the Hat)

ImageThis week we are enjoying an improved UHF experience at the club repeater, with much thanks to our repeater chair, John McKay VA3BL and Jon VA3RQ for his assistance in finding the equipment, picking it up, assisting with the programming and checkout/. Nicely done guys!

The new unit is a gently used Kenwood model tkr850, the same model used at VE3RSB in  Burlington and PMO. The guys were able to pick it up for $300 cash, which I understand was a pretty good deal – and it sounds fantastic!

The Kenwood replaces our beloved (or not, depending on your experience) home brewed repeater which has served us for many years, but the noble beast had a heat activated birdy and was having squelch clipping issues with hot audio. Out to pasture it goes (We are keeping it as a backup).

So rather than unbalancing the club annual budget (Yes, we are working on it!)  – I’m seeking a one time donation from members to cover the $300.00.  If you enjoy the VE3OAK repeaters, please think of a $25.00  donation, if you are particularly chatty, $50.00 would be nice.

All money collected will be allocated to the VE3OAK repeater stack (UHF/VHF) to cover this and future repairs.

I will publish the generous folks on the Blog. Here are our first results.

$50.00      John McKay     VA3BL

$50.00      Rod Hardman VE3RHF

See Rod, Bata, or John to participate – Thanks in advance for your stewardship!


Rod Hardman, VE3RHF, President, Oakville Amateur Radio Club

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1 Response to VE3OAK UHF Overhaul (Passing the Hat)

  1. Peter West says:

    Put me down for $50 from Marion VE3HEN.

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