Minutes of Directors’ Meeting

Date and time: September 11, 2013, 8:30 pm

Location: GoToMeeting (online videoconference)

Attendees:   Rod Hardman VE3RHF, Peter West VE3HG, Todd Demone VA3TCD

Absent: John McKay VA3BL

  1. Club Website

  • Attendees agreed that the club should migrate to a different website platform, primarily because the current website is difficult to update/amend.

  • Peter suggested WordPress as a suitable platform because it is free, easy to use and all directors can have amending privileges simply by signing up for a WordPress account.

  • Todd and Rod agreed with Peter’s recommendation to migrate the website to WordPress.

  • Action item – Rod: Set up a project management site (Basecamp) to allow the directors to brainstorm ideas for the website and other club projects.

  • Rod suggested that we may wish to continue to hold the domain name “www.oakvilleamateurs.net” although it may not be the name the club chooses to use for the new website.  The club pays a hosting fee for the name.

  • Action item – Rod : Determine who pays the hosting fee (Bata?), how much it costs and whether the club can pay the fee for multiple (e.g., 3) years.

  1. Executive Roles for 2013/14

  • Attendees agreed that Club executive roles would be assigned as follows:

    • President: Rod Hardman VE3RHF

    • Vice-President: Peter West VE3HG

    • Repeater Chair: John McKay VA3BL

    • Secretary: Todd Demone VA3TCD

    • Treasurer: Bata Spasic VE3EXW

  • Bata Spasic VE3EXW previously told Rod that he would continue to act as Treasurer and expressed interest in acting as a director if necessary but could not attend the recent Annual General Meeting because he was out-of-town.

  • Action item – Rod: discuss with Bata the possibility of acting as both a director and Treasurer. Rod will also discuss with him the motion that was carried at the recent Annual General Meeting regarding the proposed financial audit of 2011/12 and 2012/13  by the new audit committee (Denny VE3OKD, Peter Elliot VA3PRE and Russ VE3JUZ).

  1. UHF Repeater

  • Further to a motion carried at the recent AGM, Peter suggested that an email be sent to club members soliciting donations to pay for a “new” (used) UHF repeater.

  • The email could recommend specific levels of donation (e.g., $25 or $50) depending on the amount of time that the donee spends using the repeater.

  • Donations in excess of the cost of the repeater could be set aside to pay for maintenance and parts.

  • Action item – Rod: Work with John in drafting an email soliciting donations to pay for a new UHF repeater.

  1. Finding a Long-Term Meeting Site

  • Rod noted that, based on the results of a club survey, club meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of every month.

  • Rod also noted that the club needs to find a meeting site that is available to the club on a regular (monthly) basis.

  • Action item – Rod: Contact St. Judes Church to determine cost and availability of meeting site.

  • Action item – Peter: Contact Salvation Army (Rebecca St.) and Quality Inn to determine cost and availability of meeting site.

  • Action item – Todd: Contact Timothy’s Coffee Shop (Lakeshore Rd.) to determine cost and availability of meeting site (upstairs room).

  1. IC Examiners Committee

  • Further to the motion carried at the recent AGM to set up a committee to put individuals who wish to write the Industry Canada licensing exam in contact with accredited examiners (Examiners Committee), Peter suggested that the club put up flyers at various locations (e.g., schools, town kiosks, coffee shops) promoting the club to potential new members and highlighting the club’s ability to provide amateur radio examinations.

  • Rod suggested that the club prepare 4×6 “invitation” cards that could be delivered to local hams who are not club members.

  • Peter reiterated the sentiment expressed by many at the recent AGM that the club needs a few members who are accredited IC examiners.

  • Action item – Peter: Review the requirements for becoming an IC accredited examiner and report back to the directors.

  1. Club Equipment

  • Rod noted that George VE3OGP has asked him to pick up the club equipment that is currently stored at George’s home.

  • Action item – Rod: Ask Mike Cauterman VE3QSK if he will pick up club equipment  from George VE3OGP.

  1. Club Insurance and ARES

  • Rod queried whether the club’s insurance policy covers risks related to ARES activities.

  • Action item –  [Bata?]: read insurance policy and/or contact insurance agent to determine whether ARES activities are covered by the policy.

  • Action item – Rod: Check with Rick VA3NV regarding ARES, relationship to Oakville OARC and insurance.

  1. Application for Trillium Grant (DSTAR)

  • Peter stated that the club directors could also act as directors for the purposes of the proposed Trillium Grant application/DSTAR project.

  • Peter wondered how much money the club should ask for in the proposed Trillium Grant application.

    • A DSTAR repeater stack would cost about $6,000 to $7,000.

    • The club could also procure a number of mobile and/or handheld DSTAR radios, the possession of which could be rotated among club members, however that would require an individual to be dedicated to keeping track of equipment, etc., which could be burdensome and result in lost equipment.

  • Todd asked whether the York ARC bought mobiles and handhelds with its Trillium Grant money.

  • Rod thought that the York ARC bought about 8 to 12 mobiles and 6 to 7 handhelds.

  • Action item -All Directors: Discuss in further detail the next steps in making the grant application.

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