D-Star at York Region ARC

President Rod Hardman, VE3RHF and myself (Peter, VE3HG) met up in Newmarket last night to attend as guests a meeting of the York Region ARC. Thanks to the club for allowing us to attend.

The meeting focused on providing York Region club members with information about the club’s new D-Star repeater system. Chris, VE3NRT, was our tour guide and the York club should be congratulated for getting their D-Star system up and running.

While we learned lots and Chris’s presentation was terrific D-Star is a work in progress and currently a very interesting and active part of the world-wide hobby.

Right now in Oakville we can easily reach the FreeStar digital repeater VE3PMO (444.250 MHz)which has enormous range. I can easily trip the repeater from Guelph to Newmarket and one of these days I see how far east I can go.

One of the nice things about digital mode is it can co-exist with FM repeaters and becomes an additional part to FM handhelds like the IC-31A ($275 when on sale) and mobiles like the IC-880 ($425 or so).

Once there are more digital repeaters up and running in southern Ontario it maybe possible to link them all simultaneously to create a very wide regional footprint. This would have enormous potential for special events or wide-scale emergency work aside from just being a pretty cool thing to do.

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