2 Weeks To Field Day

Field Day 2013 is shaping up with lots of folks signing up for operating times at the SSB, CW and digital stations. If you haven’t signed up yet for a time slot now would be a good time to do so.

Here’s a list of the captains:

CW – Harry, VA3EC

SSB – Todd, VA3TCD

Digital – Rod, VE3RHF

It looks like the GOTA station might not make it this year as the band captain has work issues so if anyone would like to help out (think we can supply the rig and the antenna and the power) just let me know.

Mike QSK is helping setup dinner Saturday night as well as helping Peter, VE3PRE with getting the generator(s) from the Red Cross.

Remember Bronte Prov. Park is an alcohol-free zone so just like last year we’d ask all not to bring any alcoholic drinks with them to Field Day. The site location is shown on the map below.

Finally we’re trying Go-To-Meeting and Rod has sent an email to all members and participants about the details of the Wednesday evening telephone conference.c1d22

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