Field Day 2013 Update

There’s been a lot of planning going on behind the scenes when it comes to Field Day 2013.

Seems the band captains have confirmed their equipment and the Writelog/rig data interface has been tested. This means that all logging computers are sharing the same database and keeping a safe backup copy.

We’ve got ample antennas and at least two launching devices.

The bonus point managers are working on identifying bonus point opportunities. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say we could use more operators for the GOTA station.

Saturday dinner (BBQ hamburgers & hot dogs) is being looked after by Mike QSK. Peter, PRE, has made arrangements for the Red Cross generators.

If you are intending on operating, please get in touch with the band captains as the 24-hour operating lists are being circulated. There’s no easy way to do this so names and desired times are being taken on a first-come basis.

The midnight to 6 am shift is usually available but the prime times get taken pretty quickly.

As Field Day is a contest and an opportunity to practice our ARES setup skills and a social occasion for the club it’s always interesting to see who shows up 🙂

Finally, if all continues to go well we’re looking forward to the installation of Oakville’s first D-star repeater soon and some of us (rod/John) will be demoing D-Star at Field Day.

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