Who’s In Charge?

The question of who is making the decisions around Field Day came up this morning at the Saturday morning breakfast.

As I said when I volunteered to be Field Day Co-Ordinator it isn’t me. I just move the paperwork around.

The actual decision-making is done by those who volunteer to help. So right now that’s the four station captains and Rod, RHF, in his position as president.

The four station captains will be making decisions around which rigs and antennas they want and which source of power (batteries or generator) they prefer. We’ve had several requests for a battery-powered Field Day but that decision is yet to be made by the captains.

This decision may or may not affect which category we end up in.

Rod is going to circulate sign-up sheets for the operating times for all four stations and the time slots are likely to go on a first-come, first-served basis. If you know you’d like a specific time let Rod know.

The arrangements for the weekend food and Saturday night social are still up in the air as no one has volunteered to take this role so far but it’s still early.

As the coordinator, I want to thank the guys who have stepped up and volunteered or who have emailed me to let me know they are looking forward to attending the Oakville Club Field Day.

If you’re sitting at home wondering if there’s anything you could do to help out, just send me or Rod or one of the station captains an email.


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