Getting Prepared

The Oakville ARC Field Day 2013 is gathering steam.

So far, we’ve got four of us who are showing up 🙂

Also I took an ancient Toshiba laptop to the computer guy on Kerr St. north of Speers in the same little shopping centre that houses Organic Garage and for $30 I had the computer restored to a stripped down, roaring to go state.

Installed Writelog (which costs $80 but I love because it runs RTTY so well) and N1MM (it’s free and used by a lot of contesters) and both are working really well.

If you’re on the air at all, a logging program like Writelog or N1MM can be used as a general as well as contest logger.

I’d love to say the FlexRadio 1500 works with the Toshiba but only on receive as it’s using 50% of the CPU and that’s not fast enough to transmit without any delays.

Having said that the computer guy says he’s got some pretty fast used refurbished laptops for $200. I like buying from this guy because if anything goes wrong I can bring it back to them and they’re pretty good at bringing old machines back to life.

Now if I just had a rig with a 100-watt output I’d have the whole package.


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