Field Day 2013

Following a lively meeting of the Oakville Amateur Radio Club a bunch of new initiatives were set into motion.i-K34JRbJ-L

For those of us interested in Field Day (June 22-23) it was decided that we would return to Bronte Provincial Park and that yours truly (Peter – VE3HG) would serve as Field Day Co-ordinator.

So in the next few days I’ll post some Field Day pages with requests for help and services. Please see additional information under the tab above FIELD DAY 2013.

For example, depending on the level of enthusiasm and for optimum participation we could use the following station and service managers:

  • station manager for CW (This would be our main points station for scoring in the “contest” part of Field Day. We placed first in our category last year.)
  • station manager for SSB (This station helped us win last year but there were opportunities for participation by non-contest ready members)
  • digital station manager (Last year’s digital station manager was a total disappointment and has been promoted to Field Day Coordinator so as to avoid last year’s mistakes)
  • VHF/UHF station manager
  • Get On The Air station manager
  • support manager (Insuring in cooperation with the station managers that there are sufficient shelters and electricity (12v or 110v), lights and antennas are available. It would be great if the support manager also brewed the coffee and made arrangements for the Saturday night dinner 🙂
  • facility convenor (Makes arrangements with Bronte Provincial Park staff for the site and group access)
  • bonus point manager (100% emergency power, media publicity, public location, public information table, section manager message, message handling, satellite QSO, alternative power, W1AW bulletin, educational activity bonus, site visitation by elected official, site visitation by agency rep., GOTA points, web submission, Field Day  youth participation)

Now if we don’t have sufficient volunteers we can simply scale back and enter another contest category. Field Day is both a contest and an opportunity to practice our emergency preparedness and demonstrate our ability to work together in service of our community.

It’s also a major social event for the club and a large part of our effort should be in having fun.

A successful club Field Day IMHO can amount to operating one transmitter on any mode and band as best we can for a 24 hour period of time.

The Bronte Provincial Park site has some distinct advantages and a couple of challenges. First we’ve been there before so we know the lay of the land. Last year it worked pretty well as far as radio is concerned.

One challenge is it does cost us $16 for a two-day pass (which was a special deal that the club got last year and we hope to see again). The park is a provincial park. It belongs to the province and there’s an entree fee.

While I’d love to argue that the Oakville ARC deserves a special deal because we are practicing our public service preparedness I suspect other groups that work with children or offer sporting activities or are registered charities would love to make the same argument.

The other challenge which we met easily last year, is the ban on alcohol. I’d love to have a beer on Saturday night but all we need is to have a park ranger spot a beer bottle or wine glass and we’d be escorted out of the park.

So far we’ve had an offer of equipment (less antenna) for the digital station so the potential digital station manager is off to a head start.

I can provide a full-size 80-10 Carolina Windom, a G5RV-Jr and an 80/40 meter end-fed Par antenna plus an external auto tuner. I think I know where I can borrow a small all-band 100-watt rig so we’re good to go.

If you’re interested in volunteering for any of the station, support or facilities manager’s positions please don’t hesitate to email me directly at

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