Directors Meeting

Last Evening (Sunday July 29, 2012) we held an Oakville Amateur Radio Club Directors meeting at the glamourous Bronte Road Tim Hortons,  preparing for the 2012-2013 season. Not exciting, so I applaud those that stepped up this year!

As per our custom, we sorted out the roles with our five Directors

Rod Hardman (VE3RHF), President & Cat Herder

Rick Harrison (VA3NV), Vice President 

Peter Elliot (VA3PRE),  Secretary (Thank you Peter!!!)

George Davis (VE3OGP), Field Day, Web Site

John McKay (VA3BL) Repeater committee chair, Web site

We are still Sorting thru the Treasurer duties, which require actual skills and continuity, so I’m looking for some help. This need not be a Director, so skills trump all else.

Our intention is to work on our workflows this year, automate what we can so that the business of the club is done easier but also with more transparency – so watch for us to post Director Minutes and such. 

Transparency is easy to talk, but takes effort to walk.  We intend to publish our notes, decisions etc, with the only exception being matters of an individual’s privacy (if that sort of thing comes up, which I doubt. This is a good bunch.)  If we appear to be in the shadows, call us on it. (Hell, fire us!) 

Looks like the first meeting is the second Sunday of September, the 9th, at 7pm at the Oakville Police Station (South of Dundas, West Trafalgar) – Check the website prior as we are still securing the room

We’ll post proper minutes shortly.


Rod (VE3RHF)



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