Annual General Meeting

With the excitement of Field Day, let’s not forget the other important meeting that day, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held at the BBQ dinner on Saturday (BBQ starts about 5, AGM at 6pm local time)

When we “rebooted” before Xmas, I promised minimal, open admin of the club. I hope to keep this up with the AGM. A quick report by the Executive, financials and election of officers.

They say you should Walk before you can Run. That’s what the last few months have been about. Here we are with a re-established Club and a re-established Field Day. Next year I hope we can pick up the pace, jump starting a Basic class and developing a “mega-project” like a D-Star repeater stack (with trillium proposal of course).

I hope you’ll join me on the adventure. I really hope we can continue attract and retain a great group of members and Directors to propel this forward. Please consider stepping forward as a Director – I can say it’s a significant time commit, but we are making good traction, and as I visit other clubs, I know we have the talent and energy to be one of the most vibrant clubs in Canada.

This is a great crew.


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1 Response to Annual General Meeting

  1. Kenneth Strom VA3KRS says:

    I am trying to send you an email to the Club about a 12 August 2012 Event, however you have no Club email contact intormation.

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