The Importance of Services, Programs and Projects

Thanks to all who attended the December Club meeting in the Community Room of the Oakville Police Station. At that meeting we did a “Brainstorm / Sort” of ideas and activities for the club – this gives us some direction as we set priorities.

These ideas fit into a pattern;

Services – which are the shared resources of the club, things like the Repeaters or a Remote HF station that can be controlled by any member. These are resources that most of us would not, or could not build for ourselves. They are, in fact, better as community resources because they are built with shared talents.

Programs – These are ongoing, planned activities such a Courses (Basic, CW, Advanced) or Speakers or Skill Clinics…

Projects – These are the few selected “Moon shots” that a club can take on to draw the club together and usually result in new, sustainable Services or Programs

Why are these important? Because they are the very reason (beyond camaraderie) one joins – and enjoys a club. In a sense, Amateur Radio can be a solitary hobby, but it is also a hobby of continuous learning and challenge – and that’s where a club can make a big difference.

We have over 200 licensed amateurs in the Oakville area.  Wouldn’t be great to add to our talent pool?  Having a robust set of Services, Programs and Projects revitalizes the club and makes it attractive to new members.

Here are some the ideas we came up with:


  • VHF Repeater (Current)
  • UHF Repeater (Current)
  • DSTAR (New)
  • APRS
  • Packet
  • Website
  • Blog (New)
  • linking to other repeaters
  • IRLP
  • insurance (strictly liability, only covers club activities, but we will look at individual)


  • Membership Drive
  • Courses (Basic)
  • Clinics / Workshops
  • Elmer Program


  • DSTAR repeater / Infrastructure (with the new IC-31A?)
  • Courses (Basic)
  • Clinics / Workshops (SAT, Packet /APRS, Antenna installation, Show & Tell, Contest Setups)

Special Interest Groups

  • ARES
  • Contests
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