The Orange Box Challenge 2.0

Announcing the ARES “Orange Box Challenge” for 2012!
Action Products Sport Utility Dry Box — 15in.L x 7 3/4in.W x 11 1/2in.H, with Tray, Model# 5602 | Buy Item# 26172 now for only $15.99
This is the second annual ARES challenge event, open to all
challengers, is to produce a functional VHF or dual band transportable
station suitable for EMCOMM deployment. The Catch? it has to fit in a
standard “Orange Box”, a rugged waterproof container measuring only
12x6x9 inches (internally)!

Entries can be produced to fit inside a “standard” Orange Box
(Action Products Sport Utility Dry Box 15×7 3/4×11 1/2 inches Model 5602,  available at Bass Pro Shop, Canadian Tire and other locations ) or a “half size” Orange box

New for this year – ” Matching Power” category – build out an external
source of power (that will fit into an Orange Box) that will operate a rig. This is likely to be battery / Gel Cell based, but we are prepared to be impressed by solar, wind power, steam or nuclear entries…

Compulsory features
You have to use a standard orange box – I love
creativity, but just painting it Orange does not count!
Functional 2meter rig (or signal band?)
External antenna connectors
External battery connectors
Power pole connectors to ARES standard

Possible features
Antenna incorporated
Dual band
Internal battery with estimated run time
Swr / Power meter, battery monitor

Entries will be judged by a panel of experts (if we can find any) and
prizes awarded (however modest)

Entries will be submitted for the May ARES meeting, but may be
set up  at a Field Day display…

It’s a great opportunity to modify an existing spare rig or breathe
life into a fleamarket find or create new options for your current
beast.. In the end you’ll have a deployable ARES unit and off the grid
power for it…

have fun!

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