The importance of Services

This week I was delighted to learn that we had yet another Amateur Radio enthusiast join our club – Many thanks Mr Harold Smith (VA3SMH) – Welcome to the Oakville ARC!

What really caught my attention was the memo line on the Cheque – “Support for repeaters and digi” – which reminded me of the importance of Services in a club. Sure Programs such as courses and Field Day provide important learning and social opportunities, but Services, such as the repeaters & various bolt-ons (like linking or digital technologies) are an opportunity to pool our resources and have access to better tools than we could deploy ourselves.

Plus there is a social element to building out these resources. We are blessed in this club to have an abundance of clever folks and a diverse set of talents. as I look around the table, I’m reminder that, given a goal, there is little in Amateur Radio that this crew could not pull off if we set our minds to it.

Mr Smith’s cheque memo line is a reminder that these services an important reason to join a club – we need to pay attention.

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